Medication Adherence

Does someone you know take their medications using the colors of the rainbow? You know—a little white pill & a round pink pill with breakfast, a yellow pill with lunch, and a green one after dinner. This approach is very dangerous and may easily result in medications problems and adherence. Those colors and shapes of medications tend to change from time to time, more often than we would like. This happens when our current manufacturer can not supply the medication and we have to switch to another manufacturer in the mean time. Another possibility is a doctor may change medications or dosages causing confusion to many patients when the colors and shapes of the medications they are used to suddenly change.

More and more people are ending up in hospitals, emergency rooms, and nursing homes because of medication problems. At Richmond Hill Pharmacy, we understand the importance of medication adherence. Therefore, we offer products and programs to assist you or your loved ones with their medications.

Refill Reminder Program

Health Minder, is our Refill Reminder Program. It is a free service Richmond Hill Pharmacy has recently started. When maintenance medications are due for a refill, typically every 30 days, one of our friendly staff members will refill your medication, and then call to let you know.  For patients taking multiple medications on a regular basis, we generally try to sync these medications together so they will run out at the same time of each month. Therefore, you would receive less phone calls and fewer trips to the pharmacy.

Simply ask one of our friendly staff members to join this great program at no cost to you! It’s one of the many ways we treat our customers as a part of our Family!

Bubble Packsbubble-pack

We offer custom medication bubble packing for a small fee. Each month we group all medications together based on dose and time and fill them into plastic bubbles which are then sealed. For each dose, one of the blisters is easily taken. One bubble pack usually lasts 30 days. If medication is taken multiple times a day, each time of day would have it’s own bubble pack. Please ask a pharmacy staff member for more details if you are interested in bubble packs for you or a loved one!

The MEDREADY Machine

We proudly sell the MedReady1600 medication dispenser machine. The MedReady simplifies the taking of scheduled doses and allows for greater independence. MedReady is an automated medication dispenser machine that is programmable with up to 4 alarms. It features up to 28 dose capacity. The machine plugs into the wall, but has a 48 hour back up battery life and is kept locked to prevent medication mix-ups. It is very easy to set up and use month after month. One of our staff members would be happy to help with set up of this machine and explain any questions you may have.

Ask our pharmacist or your doctor about recommended vaccines based on your age and medical conditions. We can administer immunizations to adults and answer any questions you may have. Call us today and ask to speak to one of our immunization pharmacists!

Available Vaccines:

  • Flu (Influenza) Vaccine
    Influenza is a contagious respiratory illness caused by a virus. Symptoms of the flu usually come on suddenly and can include fever, cough, chills, sore throat, body aches, and tiredness.  Everyone, of all ages, should be vaccinated each year in the fall.
  • Pneumonia Vaccine
    Pneumococcal is caused by a bacterial infection. It can cause fever, chills, cough, difficulty breathing and chest pain. It is recommended for children under 5, all adults over age 65, and people with high risk factors such as smokers, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, etc.
  • Shingles (Zoster) Vaccine Live
    Shingles is caused by a virus. Symptoms consist of a painful skin rash often with blisters. Anyone who has been exposed to chickenpox can develop shingles, but it is most common in people over the age of 50. The vaccination is recommended for age 60 or older.

Other vaccines are available upon request.  For more detailed information on the above vaccines please visit:

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